Main Services

We provide live vessel tracking service and comprehensive information about all vessels in the world which broadcast AIS reports publicly. This includes vessel general information, current position, voyage information, port calls and other related insights. We also provide comprehensive information about all ports in the world. This includes vessel general information, expected vessel arrivals, departures, ships in the port and other related insights.

This is useful for users who are looking to track ships or looking to find information about vessels and ports. This is also useful for users who want to do research on the vessel, vessel journey history, vessel positions history or which ports these vessels had been visiting in the past.

There could be several business use cases of our service for shipping companies, trading companies, insurance companies, security/law & order related organisations or academic/research related organisations. This could be useful for people related to these types of organisations as the information available may help them in their job in the form it is currently available and with future improvements. We keep the data upto date and keep improving it continuously in terms of accuracy and adding more datasets and insights.

We use publicly available datasets and AIS reports broadcasted by the vessels to compile information about the vessels and ports and we make sure about the accuracy. However, if there are errors in public datasets or in AIS reports broadcasted by vessels, it could be the reason for inaccuracies in vessels or ports data.

We have processes in place to keep correcting the data and improve the accuracy. We really appreciate input from the members of the public or vessel owners to correct the information. Please contact us to report about a problem in the data about specific vessel or port and suggest the required corrections. Contact Us

We use publicly available AIS reports broadcasted by the vessels to compile information about the vessels, position and destination. If a vessel is not in our coverage area then our servers may not receive its AIS reports with uptodate position and destination information. Our service updates the information as soon as the vessel comes back in the coverage area again.

Additional Services

Yes, if the services available on this website are not suitable then we are open to provide required custom services. Any interested customer may contact us using this link. Contact Us

We are data analytics related company and our team is experienced in application of data engieering and data science in maritime and other related datasets. So we are open to discuss on any custom required services or business partnerships.

Service Charges and Payments

We do not charge for services available on public side of our website including browsing and finding all information about vessels and ports under all categories. This also includes unlimited vessel tracking on our live map. We only charge small fee for optional advanced and specialist services used for commercial purposes.

This excludes any advanced custom services which any customer may need. If any such services deal will be discussed and agreed with potential customers, the charges will be discussed.